germany refugees welcome ?

Germany refugees welcome is true? I like foreigners, if you accept us. To be able to discover other countries, I have learned 4 languages fluently. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries was 3 years abroad. I was welcomed everywhere, because I have always respected the country’s rules.

1. Germany refugees welcome – all get free nice house?

refugees welcome ore not your hous

refugees welcome ore not – no have hous enough

Refugees welcome ore not – no have hous enough, nobody never one countrie give house for free!!!!

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germany refugees welcome: house with mold, Germany apartment

Germany house with mold, Germany apartment. 1/3 of our poor people live in such houses with toxic mold

I am a consultant for molds in the house. Germany apartment These are toxic fungi.

germany refugees welcome appartment with toxic mold

Germany-many appartment with toxic mold

Most of our poor people live in such houses with mold. They have no money for repairs. The apartments are often financed by the state. I’ve seen it several times. The mummy sits without help in the moldy apartment. The Job Center does not help. All of them are sick in the lungs. You get asthma. Germany One third of all the flats of Germany have mold and are not habitable.

In Germany every year ~ 400,000 dwellings built. 770,000 homes are currently lacking in Germany. So you have at least 2 years in the temporary warehouse / garage with 500 people from 10 countries together or live in uncomfortable tents.

Germany refugees welcme little House for You for one time

Germany little House for You
for 2 Years time

A year lasts at least the period until the building permit of a residential building.

2. Germany refugees welcome – all get blond nice woman !

How much do you weigh? 60 kilo? Our women can have 70 kilos and just crush you while having sex.

Our women are all working and are independent. No woman is so stupid and will feed you. You must work itself.

3. Germany refugees welcome – all can play football with Bayern munich?

Bayern Munich Junior Team is already fully occupied, too late for you
the youth academy for German football club Bayern…

4. Germany refugees welcome – all can get free car BMW?

Please keep dreaming more of luxury? Maybe you can defend your own country instead of letting your wife and children in engraving with the gun in his hand? We in Germany would do so!

5. Germany refugees welcome – can you get work like engineer in the car factory of BMW

Since you can not the language You start as a cleaner with € 5 / hour. You start at the very bottom and stay there for years. GERMANY Some are back already, because no one has time to talk to you. All have to work hard to feed the masses of refugees.

6. Germany refugees welcome – they bring all his problems to germany

WE DONT NEED THIS  homes for asylum seekers,; sex mob we dont need in Germany germany refugees welcome ore not?

Do you understand it? Your information about „Germany“ is incorrect! You have been deceived? The tractors, which have brought you to Germany forth, they have betrayed you. Go back from Germany to your country, to your family, to be a hero and build your country again. For that you get help from us.
I am Muslim. My wife is also Muslim. I want to give my brothers the right information here. What’s going on in Germany? Many citizens of Germany are afraid of you and your foreign culture. The vast majority of people of Germany you do not want. You will remain strangers. refugees welcome is a lie.

Comment from a reader forum ZDF Germany my contribution:about  refugees

„Quote start“
„……. If you like to really experience something, you prepare it out on an adventure before, as you can imagine never would have you:
Go illegally to Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco and Turkey.
Worry. Not about visas, international law, immigration rules or similar, ridiculous rules
When you get there, ask for immediately by the local authority free medical care for you and your whole family.
Insist that all employees speak with the health insurance the language of the native language German, and that the only way to prepare your food clinics, as you are used to in Germany.

Insist that all forms, queries, and documents will be translated into your language.

Assign criticism indignantly back to your behavior by explicitly state: „This has to do with my culture and religion of which you understand nothing“.
Keep sure your original identity. Hang a banner of your Western country to the window (on the car it goes well, do not forget that).
Talk both at home and elsewhere, only German and make sure that your children behave similarly.
Request necessarily mean that at music schools Western culture is taught.
Ask for the immediate and unconditional a driver’s license, a residence permit and what you still could occur otherwise.

Do not discriminate, they insist on your right, ask for child support.

Consider the possession of these documents as a justification of their illegal presence in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq; Iraq.
Drive without Auto Insurance. The is required only for the locals.
Organize protest campaigns against your host country and its inhabitants, you invariably support violence against non-whites, non-Christians and against a government that has allowed into the country.
Demand that your wife (even if you have since bought 4 of them) does not have to disguise, has to wear the burqa.
In Germany, can all be done, because we are ruled by politically correct idiots here as well as a series action groups that slowly but surely drive us into the abyss. „Unquote“


7. germany refugees welcome: No NOT we dont need muslim mobs

We dont need this drunk muslim mobs germany refugees welcome: No NOT

Large Muslim mobs sexually harass scores of young women on New Years Eve in Germany


8. disillusioned Iraqis return – not welcome, Why?

„Many disillusioned refugees return each week from Germany back to Iraq. The summaries of their flight are often dramatically.“ from here:

!Many disillusioned refugees return each week from Germany back to Iraq. Record currently stands at 100 refugees a week. The summaries of their flight are often dramatically and evidence of deep disappointment.“ © Reuters

„Completely different, „the Iranian refugees had imagined life here. Now she just wanted to get back home,“

„germany-refugees-welcome“ in 19.000.000 results by Google.

Germany  – foreigner guests welcome in my house

the last foreigner party in my house with guests from 12 nationes: Japan, Russia, Bolgaria, Austria, Thailand, Peru, Ukraina, Bavaria, Scotland, Italia, Syria and Germany.

germany refugees welcome ?

the last party in my house with guests from 12 nationes


Refugees can also be helped locally

„So it is but – even
„Real“ war refugees
caught in the crisis area on site
and are supervised.
Built in mid September 2015
Refugee camp in the West Syriac
City of Hama accommodate
for a total of 1,000 refugees
and was designed by Russian specialists
built, complete with
everything necessary for life
equipped and Syrian to the
Authorities handed over on site.

All other necessary supplies also of Russia transport aircraft adopted.

This model
Procedure of Russia
shows how cooperation
with the Syrian authorities
successful impact. refugee assistance
spot has several advantages
On the one hand: with itself
asylum seekers no longer
uprooted their home and on the other hand
refugees can
curbed to Europe
will. Similarly, the current is
of „trittbrett propelled“ economic refugees
significantly reduced,
because they no longer
behind the „genuine“ refugees
can hide. It is also
for Europe at the time, the
to follow a model of Russia
and the steered refugees
a reasonable alternative
to offer! from“:

2018 update – the war is over

I think now have to start the programms to repair your destroit citys.
Look for the brands of gun manufacturers and claim damages. Start the initiative as these young ladies in the Philipines & found a travel agency. Show all tourists their old culture, the beauties & the destroyed land.