Real Estate Puerto Galera Villa Mountain & Ocean view

Real Estate Puerto Galera Mountain Villa See view (Pacific) Rare Occasion in one of the best Scuba Diving Locations in the world in the Philippines.
Easily attainable from Manila by scheduled buses, ferries and Air Juan Seaplane. Perfect for nature lovers – swim, snorkel, dive in the Pacific or swimming in the outdoor pool next to the palm trees, bike, hike and play golf or just relax in your new dreamhome.

This unique residence is not just a home, it is a clear statement of way of life – expect an emotional and unforgettable environment which free you from conditioned life styles and offer new possibilities for arranging your life.

It is designed and built by a the German architect. It’s location is at the most scenic place in Puerto Galera, at the Ponderosa Golf Club at 1.000ft (300m) above sea level and benefits by cool breezes during the hot season. The night life spot with restaurants offering international food and many bars is reachable in just a 20-minutes drive.

This generous villa at a 4.000sqm lot offers a spectacular seaview and echoes the amazing scale of the surrounding nature. All of your inside activities interacting strongly with the outside.

What appeared as a closed world from the outside reveals inside a surprising open universe. A big covered carport invites the outdoors in and provides a link between the main entrance and two seperated guest rooms.

Upon entry at the second level you pass a remarkable entrance gallery; your visitors are uncertain what to do first: to appreciate some stunning art works or to overlook the main double-height open plan living space and the swimming pool at the first level.

The pool’s impressive size of 75ft (23m) lenght is located in an extraordinary way – it is half way part of the house and swimming here is elating.

The most striking design feature is the main space 24ft (7,30m) high which is crossed by a bridge leading to the stairs and master bedroom.

To blur as much as possible the distinction between indoor a

nd out a full-height glass facade connect the expansive 100ft (30m) long terrace with frameless sliding doors.

Stunning views from the terrace over Ayala Beach and White Beach to the Verde Island Passage and the Calavite Passage of the Luzon Sea will nearly take your breath away. Facing the sunset with a tropical sky different every day is beyond description. The design of the terrace like a grand stand is a perfect place to throw a party; the grand landmark of Mount Malasimbo seems to be your neighbor and at night the fisherboat‘s lights at the horizon are your only companions. Your amazing view will never be interrupted by other buildings!

The facade facing the Pacific and open country side makes effective use of natural light while the street facade is largely opaque and keeps the resident’s privacy. Still it let in diffused colorful light at day and glows from inside out when the lights are switched at night.

Cross ventilation is provided through windows and special ventilation sluts in the facade and ceiling. Therefore aircon isn’t needed and keeps your electricity bill low.


THIS IS NOT FOR YOU if you are looking for a colorful Philippine Style decorated house. Choose your domicil because of the excellency of its basic design, its symplicity and its skillful treatment. This will never be out of fashion – it will last.

The villa is designed in the western manner of Minimalistic Style. As a regular object in a natural environment, this place is a real contemporary one. A kind of luxury is approached almost by substraction rather than addition – the decoration is an integral part of the structure and not something seperate and applied. The whole mansion is free from confusing ornaments and fake design, there is no attempt to impress with superflous elements, the details are pure and functional.

The expressive elementary architecture is composed through a regular system of pure concrete construction which is left exposed and filled in mainly with glass; zones are realized without physical barriers. This offers possibillities for different future functions which depend on the occupant‘s needs or his phantasies. It could be specially tailored to an optimum individuality without changing any of the structural elements. Presently it is used as a living home and studio with the characteristic untidiness of an artist who concentrate on nothing but his work.

The inclined, huge walls of the garden level – with two seperate and independent apartments – are covered with local Green Stone to intergrate into the nature. If you like to relieve your cost of living, these apartments as well as the guest rooms are suitable to hire out.

If you are a friend of contemporary architecture built in generous and harmonious proportions which will offer you freedom in any way of living, acting and thinking – this occasion might be for you! It is a kind of arena where you live in an undisturbed and peaceful relationship with nature. You might become addicted to it.

2-Storey-House with 2 additional apartments

Sunrise Kitchen Counter and built-in Cabinets

Sunrise Kitchen Counter and built-in Cabinets

Living/Dining/Kitchen/Jaccuzzi          265 sqm

Entrance Gallery                                 70 sqm

Master Bedroom with Master Bath      70 sqm

Bedroom                                             15 sqm

Bathroom                                              4 sqm

Guestroom I with bath                         31 sqm

Guestroom II with bath                        38 sqm

Maid’s room with bath                         15 sqm

Appartment I                                        56 sqm

Appartment II                                       58 sqm 



Terrace                                              135 sqm

Swimming Pool

(23m/75ft, 38.000 Gallon)                 100 sqm

Small terrace with kitchenette             18 sqm

Bath                                                       5 sqm

Workshop/Storage/Power Room         53 sqm

Pump Room                                        40 sqm

Carport                                                70 sqm


Garden/lot                                       4.000 sqm

Real Estate Puerto Galera  4 Guestrooms in the Mountains – Pacific Ocean view

Before you sign any other contract you should not miss this unique and inspiring occasion. You won’t find this twice in the Philippines. 

No additional fee: USD 790.000 § /  ~ 40.000.000 PHP Phil Peso/  ~ 690.000 € This villa was checked by Building Surveyor Manila, Engineer MR. Smallfoot

Direct buyers only: lease write to

or text only  +63 (0) 918 246 0808