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Building Surveyor – checking House Building Condo quality. You get help from home inspector German civil engineer. I offer International Building Surveying in BERLIN, Munich Stuttgart Nürnberg, etc. We attend you in German, English, Spanish and Russian for your home inspection.

You can read about my scope of work here: checklist-for-investigation-and-checking-house-building-condo-quality. We can carry out pre-settlement inspection before you agree to buy. Better check condo before signing the contract! Watch here some video about my work as home inspector and civil engineer.


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checking house building condo quality Munich Germany BERLIN

These typical construction defects can be found before buying the apartment/ condo  in Munich Stuttgart Nürnberg

We can look for defects before purchasing the condominium in BERLIN Munich Stuttgart Nürnberg
HOUSE BUYING a BUILDING SURVEY – common property defects are…

Typical construction defects when buying the apartment in Cebu, etc. Philippines.

  • Mold danger: no cross ventilation in 1 room studios, no windows in gables despite possibility, no natural ventilation
  • Sealing Ground floor Molding hazard: excessive moisture under tiles or walls
  • electromagnetic load (electrosmog), bedroom too close to the transformer

Checking house building condo quality Manila, check before buying Condominium

For the examination of the legal norms before purchase we recommend the colleagues from Pattaya


In Germany and Switzerland:
Building control surveyor.
I am a structural engineer with fixed prices. We check the construction quality of houses according to DIN EN ISO Standard,  checking house building condo quality In MANILA, Pattaya and Phuket by Mr. Schmalfuss, German diplom Engineer. Building surveyor check houses building quality in Switzerland real-estate-due-diligence: working in the metropols: Munich, Zurich, Zürichsee (shore gold, gold coast golden beach) Bern, Basel and Luzern.

Building surveyor check houses

– building quality according to international standard

The real estate appraiser is your expert to estimate the value of your dream home.

You want security about construction defects, such as mold. Leaky basement walls might have cracks when buying a house. You need a professional to advise you when buying a house! Don´t worry about unexpected expenses!

We consult you offering fixed prices including a checklist and rating + travel expenses.

Checking house building condo quality before purchasing in Berlin Germany and check danger of cracks

BERLIN Manila Phil, building surveyor price Building Surveyor Munich examine the crack in the plaster: investigation Building expert Munich Property Inspection, Condo Inspection, Home inspection,Residential Property Inspections,End of Warranty Inspection

Building Surveyor examine crack in the plaster

When buying a house buyers are afraid of cracks in the wall. Cracks are continuously: by external influences such as vibrations from vehicles and construction activity. Even at high temperatures, cracks are expanding further. Cracks are not always dangerous for the supporting substance of the building or its stability. Cracks with low crack widths are sometimes insignificant for stability. Settlement cracks at a 45-degree angle are indeed dangerous.

Elimination of cracks: some advice from the building inspector:

For cracks smaller than 0.5 mm a little painting and spatulas will do.

Still, cracks might come back again. In order to eliminate larger settlement cracks you need to calculate higher costs for a surveyor. Often the foundation must be improved which will lead to high construction costs.

Get a home inspection by a building expert, also specialized in mould!

Mold is harmful for your health. Mold is unhygienic. The main causes for the formation of mold can be: leaky pipes from sewage, a lack of air exchange, improper surfaces (organic material false-color: wrong PH = too acidic) or not enough ventilation, too much moisture from the bottom of the earth, no adequate sealing against moisture. What I can do for you:  “checking house building condo quality Manila”

home inspector farang services. checking house building condo quality BKK Pattaya, real-estate-due-diligence, Property Inspection, Condo Inspection, Home inspection,Residential Property Inspections,End of Warranty Inspection

mold surveyors building check dampness in the kitchen

FAQ of the surveyor for the removal of mold in homes:

Mold on the wall is removed with 3% hydrogen peroxide (from hairdressers or pharmacies). The cost of the removal of mold on the wall is moderate. Mold in the air is removed by ozone, or chlorine gas (MMS).

One of the biggest problems is toxic mold in the Aircon. Air conditioners should be cleaned every 2 months from black mold. The cost for the removal of mold in the air are low. Mold in the insulation of the floor is removed by getting rid of and replacing the screed and insulation. This causes high construction costs. Your mold surveyor can inform you about the costs for removing mold in homes and prevents possible causes.

Expert Water Damage Experts – Munich Stuttgart Nürnberg Home Inspection

Building control surveyor Residential Property Inspections

The “biggest enemy of the building fabric” is water. When water enters your building either being rain or flood water salt formations are going to appear soon on the walls. Damp spots will also appear on the wallpaper. I therefore check for proper sealing.

OVERCOMING of water damage, for EXAMPLE IN THE PHILIPPINES, Metro Manila after weather disaster typhoon

home inspector real-estate-due-diligence checking house building condo quality Pattaya building surveyor price Building surveyor Building expert, House Inspektor investigation Surveyor Check the seal against rainwater

Surveyor inspects seal against rainwater

My experience as a building surveyor for water damage showed me that the cost of removing the effects of water damage are often very high because the floor generally must be ripped out. Often the insurance company doesn´t pay for the necessary change of the flooring. My customers usually don´t know that the insulation can become moldy in the floor. But there is organic material which becomes moldy quickly (within 5 days) in combination with moisture. Pumping out the water and disinfecting is not sufficient.

Expert (appraiser) for windows

Water shouldn´t come through the frame of closed windows. Therefore windows must be tight against the wind (wind proof) and sealed against rain (rain proof).

How to eliminate the structural defects on windows:

Manila Phil, building surveyor price Munich real-estate-due-diligence Property Inspection, Condo Inspection, Home inspection,Residential Property Inspections,End of Warranty Inspection

building surveyor check the window (investigation)

The evaluation of the claims as a reviewer for windows shows that the cost for sealing existing windows are often relatively low. Windows can be sealed with simple means.

As a supervisor of COSTRUCTION DEFECTS I often dectect hidden defects of heat losses, such as leaky windows.This will save you from high operating costs.

Home inspector soundproofing and noise

Most people are sensitive against noise. Our need for rest is important. In many ads for house purchase the quiet location is highlighted. Stairs should be sound-proof. I also check whether the sealing of the door is sealed against noise. This seal is also relevant in case of fires.

home inspector Manila Phil, farang services. checking house building condo quality Pattaya Phuket, building surveyor price Munich Zurich Building surveyor Building expert, House Inspektor Bangkok with fixed prices check the door investigation

building surveyor check the door

Sound bridges are often the cause of noise transmission between apartments. The building inspector shows typical sound bridges:

  • Sound bridges between stairs and walls
  • Transmission of sound between double walls of row houses
  • Sound transmissions (noisiness) on valves of water pipes
  • bridge (noisy) from laminate flooring to ceilings & floors, when you are walking.

How to eliminate the deficiencies in sound insulation:

In reports for noise protection and neighborhood noise the costs to decrease noise are often very high because usually the bearing end components must be subsequently isolated.

Home inspection – specialist for air conditioning insulation deficient
specialist for Air conditioning insulation deficient Manila Phil

Air conditioning insulation deficient

See for example : a crashed mitsubishi mr. slim on youtube which crashed after 10 years. This is very noisy and loud (loudness).

Why I make this page about building control surveyors prices?

The wish to find a reliable expert in the process of acquiring a house is very common. See e.g.  forum find-a-building-surveyor and here  building surveyors check houses building quality (farang) foreigner built. Foreigners are unsure to buy houses abroad. Being a German engineer, specialiced in mold I can give you proper advice. The rules of the art, such as how houses are built are essentially always the same: We need to calculate the safety from a storm.

Pricelist: condo under 50m² in Phillipines

*16.000 (PHP) Philippine peso: Examination with measuring instruments & oral consultation, no written report
+ 4.000 (PHP) Philippine peso: written short report (4-7pages), without photos
+ 4.000 (PHP) Philippine peso: photos pdf
/  after written agreement: detailed report & larger objects

Building surveyor checking house building condo quality Munich Stuttgart Nürnberg

 on skype "Schmalfuss1" Building expert, House Inspektor building surveyor price in Munich Zürich Basel Bern House Inspektor Bangkok

K.- Dieter Schmalfuss
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Building Surveyor – checking House Building Condo quality  Munich Stuttgart Nürnberg
You get help from German civil engineer, also experienced in International Building Surveyoring.



I do not currently have a commercial application in the Philippines, but I do have one in Germany! Because of the double taxation agreement between Germany and the Philippines the billing of my service can only take place via a bill from Germany. If you agree to that I can work for you.

My Globe + 63/99 55 320 615 Makati, Malate, Tagaytay C. ; Baguio
My SMART +63/9999 53 9701 Cebu, Bohol [some islands have only weak internet]

Just now not availible, I am in Germany.


You can find Home Inspector Building surveyor expert, House Inspector in Thailand, Bangkok, checking house building condo quality Pattaya, Phuket;
Metro Manila Philippines, Germany, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Switzerland: Zürich Basel Bern House Inspector, Building expert, House Inspector Chartered Surveyor, Appraiser  on skype “K.- Dieter Schmalfuss”  your Mr. Schmalfuß, civil engineer, structural engineer since 1980, Independent Chartered Building Surveyor since 1993.


Home Inspection – housing inspector – home inspection cost

Home Inspection homeowners can perform a basic walk through home inspection on their own. My House inspection checklist is not intended to be a substitute for a professional home inspection -check from engineer. Home inspection costs about 700€ in Munich, real-estate-due-diligence.
Working as  Home Inspector ” I’ve been using a Protimeter Surveymaster moisture meter for the last 10 years and I’m convinced that this is the best moisture meter for home inspectors, or anyone else doing similar work. I’ve tried many alternatives, but haven’t yet found a better moisture meter.”

Source: Home Inspector Mr. Saltzmann – Structure Tech Home Inspections from USA

Manila Phil checking house building condo quality Pattaya Home Inspection - housing inspector - home inspection cost

check aircon leaks Home Inspection Manila Phil

Friends working in New Zealand as Civil engineers or building surveyors.

In other countries: Choosing a Home Inspector and interesting Total Home Inspection Checklist.




Things to check before buying Condo & Warranty Inspection

What to check before buying Condo: questions-ask-buying-condo

Manila Phil, building surveyor price porgreement checking house building condo quality Pattaya home inspectio

building surveyor international


Building surveyor checking house building condo quality Bangkok Pattaya Munich

Property Inspection, Condo Inspection, Home inspection, Residential Property Inspections, End of Warranty Inspection

Questions from my costumers about checking house & Residential Property inspection


Betreff: building inspector/ Residential Property Inspections service needed

Dear Mr. Schmalfuß, about Residential Property Inspection

As discussed today on the phone we plan to buy an old house with property in Cebu.  According to the Real Estate company the house can be used but needs to be rennovated. We are not sure how long we will to be able to use it and want to know if there are any major issues.

Therefore, I searched the internet and also got feedback from some people that you are experts in this matter.
Could you please check my request and provide us with feedback: What can be covered under your expert service and how much will it cost?
Also please let me know your convenient time for this activity so that I can plan accordingly incl. appointment with Real Estate Company / tenant who is living in the house at the moment.

Thanks a lot in advance!
P.S: As agreed on the phone please write back in English.  🙂

Hello Mr. Schmalfuß,
As we talked on the phone this morning, we want to have property evaluation, Residential Property inspection with Mr.Schmalfuß early next week possibly. I asked the seller for a possible appointment already and of course we would need to adjust our appointment for best time for everyone.
Please let us know when you are able to visit the apartment, the approximate costs and how long it would take to get the result.

What we mainly want to know about the apartment:

Actual value of the apartment
Please excuse me writing to you in English. My German is not good enought to explain everything.
My partner and I are interested in buying a farm house together with some land.
I attach details of the property together with a few picture to try and describe it. In brief the
house has approx. 154 m² of living space inside. Plus there is approx. 3,700m² of land around the property with some associated farm buildings.
The initial asking price of the property is in the region of euro 289,000. We understand that there could be up to 10% extra to pay for broker commission, notary fees and tax.
Before we actually commit to buying the property we would like to employ the services of a
surveyor to protect ourselves from investing incorrectly.
After doing a little research we understand it would be prudent to have a full structural survey done on the property. We understand that this would be in the region of 1% of the purchase price plus 19% tax to produce a written report.
Obviously, we don’t want to waste several thousand $ for a full Structural Survey,
therefore would like to ask for an initial visit to the property of 1-2 hours. If this initial inspection
reveals that the project is unsafe then we would not continue with the full structural survey. For this initial inspection which could be seen as the first part of the Full Structural Survey we would be willing to offer a price of around 300 $  plus tax.

>> Expected maintenance kinds & costs in the future

>> Damage and problems etc…..

You can find basic information on the apartment in the attached document.

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to your reply.

P.S. We are also thinking  about Warranty Inspection ore checking house building condo quality in 4 years.

Sincerely, John


Hello Mr Schmalfuss,
I will contract an expert like you if I purchase the house we just spoke about on the phone.
The problem is that we are still too far from the initial price and we won’t get to an agreement.

I’m not an expert but I think the apartment needs at least
150.000€ to 250. 000$ renovation depending if you transform the swimming pool to rooms. We can do that later of course.
Our budget is 750.000€ aprox. so I can’t offer more than 600.000$.
Therefore, I don’t think we will get to an agreement unfortunately.
Best regards,

Review from costumer about checking apartment/ checking house building condo quality

“…We bought 2 apartments  In various reports of infestation was found skipjack dry rot.
The Surveyor Schmalfuss has answered the following questions for the Warranty Inspection for us:
1) What has been done so far and in what quality?
2) the purchase flat 105m² and 60m²: the wet / mold / dry rot etc and any necessary actions identified:
What could come at a cost to us? Buy recommendation?
3) assessment of what could still get to work on the house for us based on the existing report?
The short report was the basis for our decision to purchase very helpful. With expertise and experience all relevant defects have been compiled.
Best wishes also from the new friends from Chicago BR and thanks for Residential Property inspection!

good video Information from UK:


I am seeking a gutachter wohnungsabnahme ( Residential Property Inspections) for the handover inspection of our two apartments which are in the final stages of construction now. We have our inspection visit in May and would like to have a professional surveyor participate.
It is necessary to speak English. Can you please let me know if that is possible and what would be the cost. The two apartments are in the same building and are each less than 45 square meters, so can be easily combined into one appointment.
Thanks and best regards, Evan